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A doodle I did of a FFIV crack-pairing: Sandy Magus x Golbez (aka Theodore Harvey).

(Because they are both twice as tall as everyone else on their planet, they’ve both spent a lot of time hanging around the Tower of Zot, and both have worked for a villain then moved to the side of good.)

Sandy’s look here is a mix of her FFIV look and her FFX look:

Magus sisters amano

Amano’s artwork of the Magus sisters for FFIC (Sandy is on the right)

Summon Magus sisters FFX

Magus sisters summoned in FFX (Sandy is centre, behind Yuna)

Meanwhile, Golbez’s (sans-armour) look is from The After Years:
man in black

(It’s one of his costumes in Dissidia 012)

Eh, enjoy?

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