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what ur fav new wave band says about u

  • adam and the ants:

    I will have sex with anybody

  • the b-52's:

    I will spit in your face and laugh

  • duran duran:

    I am a vain piece of shit

  • depeche mode:

    I blend into walls

  • erasure:


  • eurythmics:

    do you know how many shades of eyshadow I own? like at least a dozen

  • falco:

    I don't even speak german

  • inxs:

    I am wearing a bandanna and drinking cheap beer

  • japan:

    I'm special. so special

  • joy division:

    not even a new wave band also go fuck yourself

  • kate bush:

    I am an artsy piece of shit

  • new order:

    I never knew my true parents I was raised by a drum machine

  • the police:

    I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself

  • roxy music:

    the leather underpants I'm wearing are really chafing me

  • talking heads:


  • u2:

    I appreciate the finer things in life and love getting my ass kicked

  • ub40:

    I think I'm an incredibly diverse and tolerant person

Helpful evil



If you are an artist, when you get stuck, draw bigger and on tracing paper when you are stuck. Consider this manual photoshop. Use scissors, trace, refine.

If you are a writer, when you get stuck, get a pad of paper and at least two colors of pen that contrast. When you get stuck, use your “replace this with actual language later” color. Just write what you want to say. “Make angry hero cry as villain drinks amazing latte. Figure out words later.”

If you get stuck in life, clean up your area and think about how big, and how small, the universe is. Either direction is practically infinite, suspending you in the middle.

If you are fey, remember when you weren’t. It will build compassion when you deal with mortals.

If you are a potato, please advise us how you use the Internet. We have so many questions, sentient spud bud.

*nods sagaciously, again*

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